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Technical translations

You can rely on knowledge and experience for translations of technical texts and technical documentation. Excellent language skills and being active in the respective fields and rich experience in translating technical texts.

Technical Fields

Translations in the following areas: manufacturing, architecture, manufacture, automation, construction machinery, construction, instruction manuals, civil engineering, digital photography, electronics, automotive industry, automotive engineering, precision engineering, horticulture, beverage industry, glass production, graphic design, instruction manuals, hardware, household appliances, heating systems, hydraulics, engineering, refrigeration, air conditioning, laboratory equipment, agricultural machinery, laser technology, light engineering, logistics, aviation, mechanics, metallurgy, motor technology, optics, papermaking, photography, pump technology, marine engineering, solar engineering, transport, steel industry, statistics, road construction, telecommunications, technical instructions, technical manuals, textile industry, catalogues, transportation, ecology, consumer electronics, packaging, water supply.

Technical Translations

Expert knowledge in various professional fields. Only the combination of linguistic skills and technical know-how can serve to make translations of demanding technical texts accurate and reliable. Technical texts deal with a specific area or a specific occupation and therefore belong to a unique category. Technical articles cover a very broad scientific spectrum – ranging from medicine, optics, biotechnology, health care to automotive industry, computer science, data processing and information techonology, natural sciences, statistics, telecommunications, architecture, construction, electronics, engineering, electrical engineering, etc.

Accurate and fast translation.