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How much costs a translation?

You can request right now the translation quote on our quotation page. Just upload your document, indicate the desired source language, target language and delivery date.

€ 0.90 to € 1.40 Price per line, this corresponds to aprox. € 0,08 to € 0,20 per Word.

The translations are charged according to the length of the text or at an hourly rate. The pricing depends on the source language, complexity and extent of the document. The price of each translation is agreed upon separately.

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How do you quote a translation?

The price of a translation depends on the workload. Here, the difficulty of the source text and the enforcement of technical terms plays an important role, if a lot of research must be done and if the information is easily available ?. Also the file format affects the cost (a PDF file for example is mor time consuming than an editable Word document), as well as your wishes regarding special formatting or use of terminology, and of course the delivery date. Additional services such as the certification of translations, the preparation of terminology material or additional correction cycles (e.g. in texts that are still not present in the final version) can also be arranged.

A translation is therefore always a tailor-made service whose price varies and is not determinable according to a flat rate.