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Professional translations

Have the same impact on the intended audience as the original does on the audience of the source text. Adhere to professional standards of writing. Respect the terminological and stylistic conventions of the target language.

Good translations convey the original message embedded in sentences, phrases, allusions, and the like, not "just the words." Speak to the reader in an appropriate tone across cultural and linguistic barriers.


For me quality means care and attention to detail. Finding a quality translator, with the right blend of skill and experience is not easy. 
A good translator requires the right skills, the right experience, the right attitude, the right commitment, the right enthusiasm, the right attention to detail, the right flair, the right fluency. If just one of these is missing, quality is the first casualty.



Software / Hardware

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Translation memories

Translation memories ("TMs") contain sentences that should be used in a uniform manner, so your texts can always be translated consistently.


Compatibility is important, so we work with the most common file formats under Windows


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