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Legal translations

Legal texts are characterized by their high level of abstraction, complex systems of concepts and a noun-heavy, for the layman strange acting style. In addition to Latin technical terms and abbreviations frequently difficult or unusual words above antiquated understanding of legal texts.

But it is precisely right texts are often intended for publication, so that misunderstandings are particularly uncomfortable here. And errors in legal translations can drag precarious legal consequences, not to mention the damage to their image completely.

A legal expert translators texts created by lawyers for lawyers.
He knows not only in the legal terminology of the best, but is also able to understand legal content and, if necessary, to open up his own business. Even if he is not a lawyer: he must have the usual sources of information and can use them. He also uses specialized legal dictionaries and databases in their work and usually knows even lawyers who can pull in doubt for help.
Selection of specialist translator

The quality of legal translations stands and falls with the personal suitability of the Department authorized translator. Therefore, only a natural, but not a legal entity, the legal authority for making of certified translations are granted. The selection of specialist legal translator should be carefully considered accordingly: From the qualification and operation of a professional translator to which you have personal contact, you can get an idea. If you have questions, you also have always a direct line to the decisive point of contact. These advantages omitted if your legal translations produced by a person unknown to you.

Challenges in translating legal texts

  • Differences everyday language - legal language
  • Important legal translations: thorough research
  • Problems with the translation of legal texts often prepares the different use of terms in the everyday and in legal language. The specialist translators must always look at and understand the relationships and meanings underlying them to formulate legal statements ever correctly under the surface of the linguistic terms - laymen are overwhelmed here usually. Really compelling legal translation you will get only a qualified and responsible technical translators.
  • Differences source language - target language
  • Tools of specialist legal translator: Legal Texts and Comments 
  • Corresponding conceptual systems, there are also in other languages, but with the nuances of the German legal language they coincide hardly ever 100%.
  • The fact that it is based on a legally correct translation, according to the contents (and not just the word) is not done here with the dictionary lookup, is obvious. The legal expert translators must carefully and proceed aware of the problems and search if necessary in the search for correspondences.
  • Your reliable partner for legal translations.
  • I and others in-depth knowledge of legal terminology, as well as many years of experience in the translation of contracts, judgments, writs, etc.