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Oral interpreting

Professional and individual interpreting services facilitate your work with foreign business partners and many things in the private everyday life. You can focus on the contents and not on complicated terminology and on language problems.

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Interpreting for negotiation and meetings

suitable for informal business meetings, visits to authorities, trade fairs and business trips:
There is an oral transmission after brief speech sections, max. 5 min.
Interpreting for individuals

This offer is addressed to individuals (tourists, migrants) who require interpreting services in the following situations: visit to Authorities  (e.g. the registry office, immigration office, social welfare office), visit to doctors, hospitalization, dealing with social service providers (health insurance, Work agency / Federal insurance agency), banks, insurance companies (to discuss basic issues, but not banking business).
You are accompanied by the interpreter to visit the authorities, you can focus on the content of the conversation and you do not need to worry with complicated technical jargon or language problems in these areas.

Interpreting for individuals

additional costs, the minimum use is one hour, billing also for travel time and waiting time.
Conference Interpreting simultaneous Interpreting / consecutive Interpreting

suitable for conferences and demanding negotiations

The interpreter transmits the information orally and almost in the same time in a cabin with suitable transmission technology or by whispering to one of the persons. Consecutive interpreting is carried out after completion of a speech portion, maximum length is 10 minutes.

Often the calls in business are more effective than lengthy e-mail or correspondence. Furthermore, they are an alternative to costly business trips. This service is provided by three-party phone-calls or via VOIP.